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Mrs Davies & Miss Svolkinas

Curriculum Intent

At Godfrey Ermen, we have an engaging Science curriculum, which encourages the children to explore the world around them. The children will actively gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in, by asking questions and seeking answers. We aim to develop children’s working scientifically and enquiry skills as they progress through the school. We offer the children plenty of opportunities to engage in a variety of scientific enquiries to secure their knowledge. We will extend the use of scientific vocabulary through questioning, predicting and drawing conclusions. Through Science, we aim to give the children the confidence and the skills to be life-long learners who will explore the world around them.

The acquisition of key scientific knowledge is an integral part of our science lessons. Linked knowledge organisers enable the children to learn and retain the important, useful and powerful vocabulary contained within each unit. The progression for skills working scientifically are developed through the year groups and scientific enquiry skills are of key importance within lessons. Scientific knowledge and enquiry skills are developed with increasing depth and challenge as children move through the year groups. They complete investigations and hands-on activities while gaining the scientific knowledge for each unit. To accompany each scientific enquiry taught, there are key assessment questions set. These allow teachers to assess children's levels of understanding at various points in the lesson. They also enable opportunities to recap concepts when necessary. The sequence of lessons helps to embed scientific knowledge and skills, with each lesson building on previous learning. Activities are effectively differentiated so that all children have an appropriate level of support and challenge.


At Godfrey Ermen Primary, we plan engaging science lessons that are in line with the aims of the National Curriculum. The teaching, learning and assessment shows progression across all year groups within the strands of science.

  • Teachers create a positive attitude to science learning within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all pupils can achieve high standards in science.
  • Planning involves teachers creating engaging lessons, often involving high-quality resources to aid understanding of conceptual knowledge.
  • Existing knowledge is checked at the beginning of each topic. This ensures that teaching is informed by the children’s starting points and that it takes account of pupil voice, incorporating children’s interests.
  • Children are supported with key scientific vocabulary in order to understand and readily apply to their written and verbal communication of their skills.
  • Teachers use precise questioning in class to test conceptual knowledge as well as enquiry skills, and assess pupils regularly to identify those children with gaps in learning, so that all pupils make progress. Tasks are selected and designed to provide appropriate support and challenge to all learners.
  • With close observance of the demands of national guidance, there are 5 key skills that have been identified, which run through the teaching and learning of science in all year groups. These skills form the basis of what it means to be a scientist at Godfrey Ermen. These skills can be summarised as identifying, classing and grouping, researching using secondary resources, observation over time, pattern seeking and comparison and fair testing.
  • We are working to increase a range of extra-curricular activities, trips and visitors to complement and broaden the curriculum. These will be purposeful and link with the knowledge from the National Curriculum.


Our Science Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Tracking of knowledge in pre and post learning tasks/quizzes
  • Children will understand and apply subject specific vocabulary
  • We aim for all children to achieve age related expectations. Staff will use formative and summative assessments in order to know where children are at
  • Children will work collaboratively and practically to investigate and experiment 
  • Children will be able to explain the process they have taken and be able to reason scientifically
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