We have PRIDE in our School!

We believe very strongly in praising good and positive behaviour in order to give our pupils the self-discipline to make the right choices.  Children are encouraged to treat others as they would wish to be treated; with the aim to foster an atmosphere of trust, respect, kindness, politeness and warmth - please see our Communication Charter below:


GEMS' Communication Charter.pdf
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In order to promote this positive philosophy, good behaviour, attitude or work is celebrated through a merit system in which PRIDE Points, stickers and rewards are given out by all staff throughout the day.  


Furthermore, Headteacher and PRIDE Awards Certificates are presented at our Celebration assembly every Friday for those children following our PRIDE values, please see our Positive Behaviour Policy below:


Positive Behaviour Policy.pdf
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PRIDE Celebrations

We are so proud of these children...well done everybody!

 This Week's PRIDE Awards: 7/12/2018 


Nursery Moons:                                                               

Nursery Stars:           


YR Hedgehogs:             Nancie-Rae Bennet, Oscar Harte

YR Squirrels:                 Archie Dwyer, Jack Buckley


Year 1 Ermen:              Talya Aljaf

Year 1 Brindley :         Olly Carney

Year 2 Bridgewater:    Lola Cox

Year 2 Lowry:              Darcie Behan 


Year 3 Bell:                  Bentley Tavares

Year 3 Halle:                Eva Reynolds

Year 4 Addy:                Kyra Warren

Year 4 Edison:                Ava Jackson

Year 5 Nasmyth:          Daudi Coma         

Year 5 Pankhurst:        Karel Ploc

Y6 Shaftesbury:           Lawson Lovell




This Week's Star Writers:   7/12/2018


Year 1 Ermen:                Callum McElhill

Year 1 Brindley:             Esme Hutchinson

Year 2 Bridgewater:      Peter Bullock                                                   

Year 2 Lowry:                Amelia Povey

Year 3 Bell:                    Olly Lee

Year 3 Halle:                  Lucy Smith


Year 4 Addy:                  

Year 4 Edison:               

Year 5 Nasmyth:            

Year 5 Pankhurst:          

Y6 Shaftesbury:             Lillie Cliffe, Mica Lingard



TT Rock Stars   7/12/2018





Phase 2:  Iva Kancheva (Lowry) Harrison Newton (Bridgewater)

Roman Rimmer (Halle) Emna Hajam (Bell)



Phase 3:  Luke Morrison (Y5P) Rowan Wyeth(Y5 N/S)

Charlie Davies (Y4 Addy) Oliver Hembrough (Y4 Ed)


Phase 4:   Olivia Wild (Y6)





Making the right choices...

It is however, necessary to have a means of dealing with those children who need more help in making the right choices. Our Behaviour Policy is visible around the school and in all classes. This allows all staff to follow the same structure when praising or sanctioning a child, enabling the children to be provided with consistency and a clear understanding of expectations of themselves and the adults around them. You can click here to view our Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policies.

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