Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team

(From left to right)


Mrs Aspinall (Phase 4 Leader), Miss Barber (Phase 1 Leader) Mrs Clancy (Head Teacher) Mrs Stanger (Deputy Head Teacher) Mrs White (Phase 3 Leader) & Mrs Dearing (Phase 2 Leader)

Phase 1

       The Nursery Team

      The Reception Team

(from left to right)

Miss Salt, Miss Crowe,Miss Barber, Mrs White, Miss Trott & Mrs Taylor

                               (from left to right)

              Miss Agius, Mrs Anderton & Mrs Bicknell

                                     The Year One Team

(From left to right)


Mrs Leonard, Miss Borton, Miss Svolkinas, Miss Joynson, Mrs Hassan, Miss Booth & Mrs Twigg

Phase 2

          The Year 2 Team

          The Year 3 Team

(From left to right)


Mrs Collins, Mrs Benson, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Haveliwala, Miss Booth & Mrs Farrugia

(From left to right)


Mrs Benson, Mrs Evans, Miss Gowing & Mrs Vigelskas

Phase 3

(From left to right)


Back Row: Mrs Hawes, Mrs Clay, Mrs Davies, Mrs White, Mrs Barlow & Mr Culf


Front Row: Mrs Durnford, Mr Smith & Mrs Sharples

Phase 4

(From left to right)


Mrs Greenhalgh, Mrs Aspinall & Mr Nuttall

Pastoral Team

(From left to right)


Mrs Taylor (SENCo), Miss Little, Mrs Stanger (DHT), Mrs Clancy (HT), Ms Williams (Family Liaison Officer) & Miss Barber 

School Support Staff




(From left to right)

Miss Williams - Family Support Officer

Mrs Hughes - Secretary

Mrs Riddell - Business Manager

Mrs Royle - Secretary





Mr O'Loughlin - Acting Site Manager



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