School Improvement 

The staff and governors are always striving to bring about improvements in our school to ensure the best education for our pupils.  We are motivated by our PRIDE Values, where we aim to inspire lifelong learners with the skills to achieve a bright and happy future. 

Parents and carers can see below the areas that we are working on this year and how you can help us to bring about changes too.

Our Values


Our School Priorities

How you can help at home

P = Personal Excellence

To ensure that children reach their full potential in each area of the curriculum and compare favourably with benchmarked national standards.

'Strive for 5' - that is support your child to read at home, at least, 5 times each week.

R = Respect & Friendship

To work in partnership with parents, Governors, the Church and the wider community to achieve success.

If they are well enough, make sure your child is in school, on time, everyday.


I = Inspire

To inspire our children to develop a love of learning with high quality learning experiences through a broad and balanced curriculum.

Encourage your child to have new experiences by taking part in an extra-curricular club or out of school activities.

D = Determination

Pupils show determination to their ‘personal best’ in weekly basic skills sessions - times tables, spellings, handwriting and maths ‘key skills’ check.

Support your child to complete their homework each week

E = Equality

To help our children live healthy lives, with a tolerance and appreciation of others.

Support your child to follow our PRIDE Rules or, for older children, discuss their Rights and Responsibilities.

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