Uniform Guidance

School Equipment - to be brought into school everyday

- Reading Folder/Bag—available from the school office.
- Reading books and reading records.
- Water bottles - cleaned at home on a daily/weekly basis.
- PE Kits —returned home at the end of each half term to be washed.              

Name labels should be clear and present on all items


  • Trousers, skirts or pinafore in grey or black
  • Yellow polo shirt  
  • Maroon sweater or cardigan
  • Tights/socks: black, white or grey  
  • Shorts, yellow or red gingham dress may be worn in the Summer

PE Kit

  • Shorts: Plain maroon or black
  • T-Shirt:Plain yellow or white
  • Outdoor Footwear: Black pumps or trainers (these must be different to your child’s school shoes.)
  • Indoor Footwear: All indoor PE will be carried out barefoot.
  • Non-branded Joggers: Optional




We are conscious that manufacturers do not make it easy for parents to select appropriate footwear. In order to provide further clarification, our FROGS (Friends of GEMS) have produced the following guidance.


A black shoe that is comfortable, supportive and hardwearing. They must have a black sole and no sports brand, canvas or trainer designs are permitted.’


The shoes below are examples of those styles that are acceptable for school: any styles that vary from these may not be allowed and may result in you being required to purchase additional footwear for your child.

Hair & Jewellery

  • Stud earrings and a watch
  • No makeup or nail polish - nails should be kept short and false nails are not allowed
  • Headbands, bobbles and headscarves (for religious reasons) should be small, plain and either in the school colours of maroon & yellow or dark, simple colours.
  • No bright hair colours.

Ordering Uniform

Please click on the link below to order your school uniform.

Alternatively, you can order through another recommended supplier:



Please phone Molly's before making a journey to ensure your child’s size is in stock.  Items will be available on a quick turnaround if not currently available in store.


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