“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Thessalonians 1 5:11

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Thessalonians 1 5:11



Maths Lead: Mrs Collins

Mathematics at Gems gives children the opportunity to be part of creative and engaging lessons that will give them a range of opportunities to explore mathematics following a mastery curriculum approach. We incorporate sustained levels of challenge through varied and high quality activities with a focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving.It gives each pupil a chance to believe in themselves as mathematicians and develop the power of resilience and perseverance when faced with mathematical challenges. A whole class approach engages all children and entitles them to the same quality of teaching and learning opportunities, striving to achieve their potential and set them up with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful in adult life.

Our mastery approach to the curriculum is designed to develop children's knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts from the Early Years through to the end of Y6. The mastery approach is an inclusive approach to Maths – where all children work within the same lesson. Pupils may be supported with the CPA approach, adult support, peer mentoring and differentiated content. Teaching for mastery  is underpinned by five big ideas.

Fluency: Efficient and accurate recall of key number facts and procedures.

Representations and Structures: Mathematical understanding is developed through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract models.

Variation: Conceptual variation provides children with different representations of the same mathematical idea.Procedural variation allows children to practise and apply their knowledge as they work through a range of increasongly sophisticated questions and problems.

Mathematical thinking: through careful questioning and focused learning opportunities children are encouraged to look for patterns and relationships, make connections, apply mathematical learning and reason using precise mathematical language.

Coherence: The mathematics curriculum is carefully sequenced into small steps to ensure children develop a deep and secure understanding at each stage.

In school, we follow the national curriculum and use the White Rose Maths scheme as our main driver for daily Maths lessons, with additional resources and activities to support. Alongside White Rose, our Mathematics curriculum is supplemented further with the NCETM Mastering number programme and Times Table Rockstars.


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